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Reading Fresh-CheckŪ Time Temperature Indicators

A Fresh-CheckŪ time temperature indicator is a self-adhesive device that is specifically formulated to match the shelf life of the food products to which it is affixed.

The active CENTER CIRCLE of the Fresh-Check darkens irreversibly – faster at higher temperatures and slower at lower temperatures – so it is easy to see when to USE or NOT USE the food product within the product date codes.

As the active center is exposed to temperature over time it gradually changes color to show the freshness of the food product.

Typically, the producer will communicate to you the Fresh-Check usage message for the particular food. The food must be used within the USE BY date code whether or not the Fresh-Check has turned dark.

When the Active Center is lighter than the OVAL, the product is OK to USE.

When the Active Center matches the OVAL, the product should be USED SOON.

When the Active Center is darker than the OVAL, the product should not be used.

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