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Your Role In Serving the Freshest Foods:

You play the important role of ensuring that your family is served the freshest foods. Below are some simple guidelines to help you.

  • At the supermarket, purchase items that need refrigeration last. This will reduce the amount of time that these items are exposed to warmer temperatures.

  • Go directly home after your store visit to prevent perishables from exposure to damaging temperatures.

  • Place perishable food directly in the refrigerator or freezer. Do not leave these products outside of refrigeration for extended periods.

Food Freshness And Healthy Eating:

  • Most fresh produce items lose nutritional value as they are exposed to time and temperature. The fresher these products are when eaten, the greater the nutritional benefits for your family.

  • The large majority of pathogenic bacteria multiply more rapidly when exposed to temperatures above 38 degrees. Knowing the cumulative time and temperature exposure of products such as fish, meats, poultry and dairy is important to identifying food products that may cause food borne illnesses.

  • Eating the freshest foods contributes to your family’s overall eating pleasure and may build the basis for eating healthy.
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